Puppet Animation Festival



We’ve got dates!  7 gigs in 4 venues – now it’s full steam ahead with natural wonders and mythical elementals, frantically pulling together months of voracious research into stories from Scheherazade, myths of Asgaard, Russia and Armenia combined with permaculture, animal and forest ecology and squeezing all this into one kamishibai and just 35 minutes!  We have reserved the next few Saturdays for run-throughs and plotting to grab any child we can bring in off the street for our dress rehearsal at the end of March.

In the meantime Virginia is making her beautiful vivid images for us which will definitely see us through!



Ahoy the Unicorn!

unicorn 7.12.18 (2)

We have discovered a fabulous new venue for telling stories in:  the captain’s cabin in the stunning wooden warship Unicorn docked along from the Discovery and the new V&A in Dundee.   Maria and I and the Kamishibai spent last Saturday there opening a  treasure chest glittering with sea stories.  Santa Claus did get to row aboard in one of them, but, in the main, lighthouses, sieves, seals and fish featured heavily, for a change at this time of the year!  We learnt a lot about the boat as well, which is definitely food for another whole show.  A 200 year old boat has gathered a lot of stories – we will be back to tell them in the new year without a doubt!

A few words from yesterday:
As my first encounter with Kamishibai storytelling, I cannot wait for continuing our collaboration between HMS Unicorn and We Three Stories. I loved the energy and enthusiasm that Maria and Harriet bring to the event. The captivating storytelling and enacting leads to an active participation from the audience. We are looking forward to having you on board soon!’
Thank you so much for your hospitality, Billy Rough, Andrea and Lucy!


A day and night out in Speyside

Telling tales to children in the afternoon, and adults in the evening, with a snug woodburning fire keeping us all toasty warm on a glorious clear day up in Aberlour with the first tang of autumn nipping the air.   Thank you so much to our audience for their kind words – and especially to Bob who did all the driving!

Thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Just brilliant.

Beautifully told stories and music.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening . Nice to have something different . Nice clear voices and good acting .   Look forward to more.


A great evening’s evening entertainment with captivating stories and songs . Well done to We Three.

Very enjoyable . Well worth seeing .

Fit a gran nicht!

A good night . Enjoyed three talented people ‘s production !

Fantastic show. Well done ! We look forward to welcoming you back.

On Tour in Aberlour

fit like yer majOur first touring events on the 12th of September:   4pm for the Scout club, and 7.30 for the grown ups.   We’re really pleased with how the show has developed.  It has been such a pleasure to work on stories with the actual venue in mind from fairy knolls to whisky stills and even petticoat tails make a brief appearance for Aberlour.

Maria and I must definitely take a back seat to Bob in terms of fluency in The Doric however!   Bob’s rendition of his own poems from the compilation Fit Like Yer Majesty has to be heard to be believed!






Maria and I had an amazing afternoon in the sunshine with the lovely Andy Catlin who made us look so special with the new Kamishibai theatre.  It seems strange to be posing like celebrities round a small red wooden box in order to make ourselves into better storytellers.

Huge thanks to Andy for such a fun day pretending to be filmstars in the back garden!  He’s done a great job.  I feel well and truly photo shot!




Check this out!

Harriet’s efforts in her back garden finally paying off!

‘We’ve got the stories, we’ve even got the pictures, but our paper box just wasn’t robust enough to withstand our enthusiastic storytelling treks!  I’ve been working on it for 2 months and I think we’re nearly ready to go on the road!  Trolly wheels instead of bicycles at the moment, but if this weather keeps up I think the lovely new wooden box will get a practice run in the park with Puss in Boots and The Old Woodcutter next Sunday!

‘In case you’re wondering, the gorgeous red colour is called ‘Emperors Silk’, redolent of dreams of old Japan, exquisite lacquered boxes and rich images of the orient.   I’m delighted with how its turned out.’



When Shall We Three Meet Again?


Harriet and Maria are working on a children’s show about animals around the Kamishibai that Harriet is building

Bob is trying to teach Harriet and Maria essential phrases in the Doric.

We Three are hoping to put together a mini-tour in Maria and Bob’s old stamping grounds in North East Scotland for Autumn 2018

Watch this space!!