When Shall We Three Meet Again?


Harriet and Maria are working on a children’s show about animals around the Kamishibai that Harriet is building

Bob is trying to teach Harriet and Maria essential phrases in the Doric.

We Three are hoping to put together a mini-tour in Maria and Bob’s old stamping grounds in North East Scotland for Autumn 2018

Watch this space!!



A Many Splendoured Thing

IMG_20171023_160849 (4)


A Many Splendoured Thing

Our show on Valentines Day at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh was sold out.    Here are some of the lovely things people said:

“That was fantastic. We want more.”

“Totally engrossing”

“Wonderful and unique”

“Absolutely brilliant”

“Charming evening.”

“A great range and variety of stories.”

“Wonderful performance. I would definitely come again to see you three.”

“Lovely balance of music poetry and stories.”

“A magical trip through music and words in storyland.”

“Meet again!”

“A polished gem. A great selection of unusual stories.”

“We felt safe in your hands. We felt loved and comfortable.”

“A magical evening. Enthralled with every tale.”

“You three were just great. Fantastic, dynamic. Loved the music and the fun.”

“A good mix. You three compliment each other”


Our First Reviews


Since coming together to tell stories as an ensemble in 2017 we have been gathering up a few of the nice things people have said about us:




“Thanks to the Scottish Storytelling Centre for another cracking evening; a Russian story about St Nicholas, with violin intro, and a Greek legend about Persephone with harp accompaniment were the stand outs. I love these people.”




IMG_20180205_160050 (2)


“It’s not often that as adults we get to hear stories spun for us; it offers such a different and more rewarding option to merely reading them, and the spell cast over the audience was a testament to the power of storytelling in this format.”

A lovely write-up from The Student for last week’s Valentine’s evening of tales and a great excuse to come experience it for yourself!