A Many Splendoured Thing

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A Many Splendoured Thing

Our show on Valentines Day at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh was sold out.    Here are some of the lovely things people said:

“That was fantastic. We want more.”

“Totally engrossing”

“Wonderful and unique”

“Absolutely brilliant”

“Charming evening.”

“A great range and variety of stories.”

“Wonderful performance. I would definitely come again to see you three.”

“Lovely balance of music poetry and stories.”

“A magical trip through music and words in storyland.”

“Meet again!”

“A polished gem. A great selection of unusual stories.”

“We felt safe in your hands. We felt loved and comfortable.”

“A magical evening. Enthralled with every tale.”

“You three were just great. Fantastic, dynamic. Loved the music and the fun.”

“A good mix. You three compliment each other”


Author: wethreestories

Three traditional storytellers with a twist..

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