Journeys paused

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For the time being only, of course!

It is always so interesting to see how all our work in the front room changes and develops in the bare light of performance – or, in fact, the calm and friendly light of our performances at the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh last weekend:  It was great to watch the flute playing bear wander through the tables of the crowd and hear an appreciative laugh for Bob’s frankly macabre joke rather than the guesswork of ’10 second pause for applause here’ which we hope for as we rehearse!  It has come out really well, and we got some great  feedback.  Now I have a job to do to rustle up some more audiences for it!

They said:

‘It was fantastic, one of the best shows I’ve seen in here in a long time!’

‘Good to hear stories where the subject of Death, especially a peaceful death after a life well lived is not shied away from.  Thank you’

‘Amazing!  You are all wonderful,  A really polished professional show, the best thing I have seen for ages! Music worked so well to enhance the stories.’

‘Love the variety of stories – folk tales, local history, poetry as well as a sprinkling of music and song.  Very entertaining, well performed’

‘I loved it, as a tourist it was great fun, I had a lovely evening, Great stories and great humour’

‘Well done, everything was great.  I laughed, I was horrified.. completely taken by every story’


An Incredible Journey

Now work begins on our incredible journeys!  Spiders, Bears, Sacks and Fairies, Trains, Boats, Bicycles and Feet.  All the fun you can have between the start and the finish!  We’re getting to know our ‘process’ now, and those magic moments when a beautiful transition just appears as we play with our stories in rehearsals!

We have two gigs lined up back to back, one in Haddington and one in Edinburgh which is always a pleasure, telling to different audiences so close in time.  Off we go on our travels again!

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Our First Reviews


Since coming together to tell stories as an ensemble in 2017 we have been gathering up a few of the nice things people have said about us:




“Thanks to the Scottish Storytelling Centre for another cracking evening; a Russian story about St Nicholas, with violin intro, and a Greek legend about Persephone with harp accompaniment were the stand outs. I love these people.”




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“It’s not often that as adults we get to hear stories spun for us; it offers such a different and more rewarding option to merely reading them, and the spell cast over the audience was a testament to the power of storytelling in this format.”

A lovely write-up from The Student for last week’s Valentine’s evening of tales and a great excuse to come experience it for yourself!