Harriet Grindley + Maria Macdonell - Kamishibai - Thu 5 July 2018 (photographer Andy Catlin www.andycatlin.com)-8654

A Japanese storybox tradition, where pictures slide in and out of a mini wooden theatre while stories are told to go with them.  I imagine them as the original ‘Ice Cream Vans’ as they would be attached to bicycles which would travel round the locality.  Instead of our traditional amplified mechanical jingle, the crowd was attracted using amazingly ear-piercing  hyōshigi or wooden clackers. The kamishibai operator would sell sweets to children before they settled down to watch the show.

I am utterly enthused by the possibilities of this storytelling form, both for its portability and for the storybook quality linking image to telling.  It is deceptively simple, as are so many of the best ideas.

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Link to the video for our quick ‘starter for ten’

Here I am using illustrations from Sieteleguas in Spain  (https://sieteleguas.es/en/kamishibai-pro-standard-stories-big-a3/35-puss-in-boots.html).  Puss in Boots was one of my all-time favourite fairytales when I was a child and I still enjoy it hugely – especially with these great pictures!   Now we can start drawing our own pictures as well – may subtlety and imagination abound!