Who Are We?



 We Three are Harriet Grindley, Bob Mitchell and Maria MacDonell.
Come with us, young and old, indoors or out, and we will tell you stories!   Between us we present a wide variety of tales told in different styles, we mix stories, jokes and poems with songs and music on flute and harp.   There is something for everyone.
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 Harriet Grindley plays the harp and loves a good ballad.  She has been storytelling for years, to all ages, throughout Britain, to sell-out audiences.  She has worked in  forest schools and led herb walks in fair weather and foul and is fascinated by the way the natural world interacts with the stories we tell about ourselves.  She is particularly interested in how stories, traditional and new, both shape and reflect our identity, from Greek myth to ceilidh song.
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Bob Mitchell was raised on an Aberdeenshire croft and has lived in East Lothian for forty five years . He is a past winner of Buchan Heritage Society’s annual storytelling competition and a published author of prose and poetry. He writes ‘chiefly in the Scottish dialect’ and is a contributor to the Leopard magazine. A busy acclaimed performer of Burns’ work, he has also toured the borders with Riddle Fiddles’ multi media project , The Cranston Fiddle.
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Maria MacDonell has long been telling stories as an actor, journalist, TV presenter, writer and heritage educator. She is both curator of the wonderful Glenesk Folk Museum, a repository of many fascinating stories and also co-creative director of the charity Angus Arts,  providing lively arts opportunities for people of all ages, indoors and out of doors. For over ten years Maria has been exploring creative arts and drama with students in the Supported Education department at Dundee and Angus College.  She likes telling stories in all kinds of settings, some of them quite surprising.